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Maternity in the park
Newborn swaddle
Maternity photo
Birth room
Newborn swaddle
Newborn with Mom & Dad
Newborn with Dad in Mom's arms
1 year old Birthday
Newborn & family
Happy 1 year old
Maternity on the water
Maternity in the woods
precious baby
1 year old in the tub with bubbles
Maternity Sunset
newborn siblings
Birthday Girl
Baby with kisses
Happy baby
baby in a basket
Happy Birthday
Beach Maternity
Fall baby
maternity couple
Newborn and stuffys
newborn with sister on facetime
Happy 1st birthday
Maternity couple in the woods
Newborn swaddle
newborn in a blanket
1 year old in a plane
Maternity Phoenix
Newborn with a basketball
Maternity Belly
Baby on blanket
Newborn & Daddy
Whether it be your child’s birth you would like me to capture or the moments right after, you have to agree that this is a very important and special time in your family’s life. These are moments that will change your life forever; so why not document these ‘happily ever afters’?

Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail, for more information or questions you may have!


When you are dilated to four centimeters, give me a call and I will be on my way. When I get there I will stand in the background photographing your birth in a non-invasive way; capturing the first moment you lay eyes on that beautiful bundle. Photos will be processed in mostly black and white to hide any skin or other imperfections.

If my being present to shoot your birth does not sound appealing, why not still call? I can capture the first few hours of your child's life surrounded by those closest to you. I call this my "First Day Photographs" package.


~ Maternity- $475
~ A lifestyle newborn session in your home, best done before 10 days old- $575

~ Next day after birth / First looks (in hospital) 30 min - $400

~ Cake Smash & Bubble Bath- Done on their first birthday month, includes:backdrop and bubble bath. - $575

Feel free to E-mail me with any questions you may have.



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