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It excites me when I get to drink my coffee in the morning. I love family days and the adventures they bring. I love snowboarding, capturing moments, and most of all, my amazing girls! Kat, Bella and Aspyn are my three daughters and they are my everything! 

esthetically, I pride myself in my home decor/design skills and also in my clothing. I managed a clothing and home decor boutique on and off for 19 years. styling clients in their home and on their selves has really helped me see beauty in all! this has helped me bring confidence to my photography clients in what "can be an awkward time"  has always left my clients saying "gosh this was so much fun! not awkward at all!"


I have always loved photography and always seem to have a camera in my hand. Growing up, I remember posing for photos for my brother who was always taking photography classes, but really instead of modeling, I was dreaming to have that camera in my hand! When I had my first daughter, Bella, I couldn’t stop dressing her up, posing her and running after her snapping photos. All of the sudden, people started to ask who the photographer was that took all of these photos and I had the pleasure to say, “Its me!” That was 17 years ago. I have so much fun photographing life.


My favorite time to take photos is when a moment organically happens; that look, an act of kindness or a child’s innocent laughter. Those are the moments we wish to immortalizE. With that, I pride myself in saying " I specialize in the in-between moments".


I can’t wait to meet you and your important ones to capture your special moments!

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